Merely having a business is not sufficient, you need strong management and critical evaluation (in case of disruptions in business). My Shared CFO is a well-known finance consultancy firm in India that develops business strategies for the small and medium scale of businesses. We follow modern approaches including business intelligence to gather necessary information before proposing a powerful saving mechanism. We’re a group of finance experts having decades of experience in handling business severities and helped many businesses to recover in the days of emergency.

We work on the behaviour of business expenditure, sales and income along with contractual penalties, customer’s dissatisfaction, loss of customers, and delay in the execution of new business plans.

Business Impact Analysis Services

01. Evaluating Risk and Impact

We determine and access the risks that may potentially impact the critical operations, functions.Our financial experts’ advice and implement corrective measure to defer any disaster or financial emergency.

02. BIA Report

We’re committed to helping businesses by generating an authoritative and insightful BIA report. Our professionals work hard to deliver their best while quantifying the financial and non-financial costs associated with a disaster.

03. Planning Recovery Strategies

We not only evaluate the risks and impacts but also plan an appropriate strategy for your business. In this course of action, we proposed corrective and precautionary measures.

04. Business Compliance

Our dedicated team of professionals offer you Business Compliance Services ("BCS"), we help you to provide comprehensive support service at every stage of the corporate lifecycle.

Achievement Section

My Shared CFO aggressively does risk analysis on each critical process to identify any vulnerabilities. We use trending techniques for performing a comprehensive business impact analysis (BIA). We take initiative and get involved with all business units and departments to drive a conclusive result.

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BIA Experts

My Shared CFO’s BIA professionals having decades of experience in dealing with business financial disaster.

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Modern Techniques

We use modern techniques such as business intelligence and data analysis to conclude better results.

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Strong Clientele

100+ clients from small to medium scale business strengthen our portfolio. We serve in India & Overseas