Our Story

My Shared CFO is a pioneer finance consultancy firm, and known for its shared or part-time CFO Services in India. We work with you as a long-term CFO partner and trusted advisor. We believe in transforming your business and to upgrade the finance function. A pool of highly-experienced Chief Financial Officers, CA’s and finance advisors assist you to make better decisions. Our CFO’s always use data-driven analytics (Business Intelligence) for strategic aspects of managing the business. Our team of professionals do compliance risk assessment that will help the organization to understand the full range of compliance risk exposure. We identify, prioritize, and assign accountability for managing strategic, operational, financial, and reputational risks.

In Today’s competitive world the role of a reliable chief financial officer (CFO) becomes influential in analysing company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and to propose corrective actions. We strive to deliver our CFO services to small and large corporations, including the start-ups and NGOs. Our specialization in virtual CFO’s, Interim CFO or Shared CFO can help you in following key areas of financial management: Cash flow management, budget forecasting, KPI (Key performance Indicators) Analysis, Financial Analysis and modeling etc. To produce desired output/results, we work with associated professionals i.e. CPA, Banker, Attorney etc. In case you seek strategic advisor to take your business to the next level, MyShared CFO will provide you Part-time CFO services at most competitive pricing.

CFO Services

Our sole mission is to serve industry in different verticals by protecting their vital by properly assessing and managing all financial risks. Today My Shared CFO is leading in providing CFO Services, where we served more than 500 clients across the globe. We offers professional services that keep your business focused on your critical financial objectives and to maximize return on investment.

Our outsourced CFOs can guide you through challenges, help fine-tune your strategies, and prepare your company for growth or transactions.

Risk Management

Engages in continuous risk evaluation of its operative business, and protect itself from known risk factors.

Business Process

Improvements in existing Business Processes while focussing on Max. ROI and ERP/BI Tool implementations.

Operational Support

Highest degree of operational support, i.e Routine accounting compliances, Preparation for GST and more.

Deal Assistance

Liaison with potential acquirers, targets or collaborators, and negotiations with vendors and customers.

Partner Assurance

Our partner assurance services offers vendor / distributor due diligence & IT implementation

Business Decision Making

Strong & in-depth understanding of the market opportunity, strategy & business model of the organizations.

Fund Raising

CFO Services to Start Ups and SME Companies, best work in fund raising & investor relations.

Business Planning

Business Planning determines how all the assets of the company will be marshaled to achieve the goals and objectives.

Strategy / Governance

A strategic business plan helps you clarify your company’s direction, its products, financial health, and business risks.

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