Back Office Operations

Back Office Operations

My Shared CFO aspires to provide a powerful accounting and finance back-office services to its clients. Our CFO's are extremely competent in using digital technology to increase the efficiency of back-office operations. We take care of entire back office work to let you focussed on your business completely. We provide exclusive support and service to all group of companies’ i.e. small scale enterprises to mid-size and to start-ups. Our team is composed of qualified accountants - CPA, CA, ACCA, chief financial officers, MBA holders, and finance experts.

After spending a decade in fortune companies, they’re now serving as independent financial advisors/ consultant. Since our inception, we’re considered as a game changer for our full-stack finance services. Growing companies are using us for complete set up of their back-office operations.

Why Choose Us

01. Talented Professionals

A pool of highly-experienced professionals offers you cutting-edge technology, practices, and expertise to compete with big players. We’re a good choice for start-ups to mid-scale enterprises.

02. Fully Secure Data

We keep data security on the highest priority as we understand that data is everything in regards to business or customer’s information. We advise and take participate in installing the cloud-based server.

03. Accessibility

We maintain a strong communication channel with our clients, and it feels like in-house services. We completely work like your all-in-one finance and CFO services.

04. Cloud-Based Services

We recommend and work with latest and trending software having high-security to process and store your data. It’s also helpful to make the good business decision making.