M&A Advisory

M&A Advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions are the big challenges for entrepreneurs & CEOs and to reduce its complexity and risks - MyShared CFO offers an exclusive range of advisory services to small and mid-size businesses. Our team comprises with highly-experienced CFOs, Accountants, and financial experts, who work precisely to customize your needs and objectives. We don’t stick to a particular approach but use different sorts of approaches and methodologies to bring the desired outcome. Therefore we execute with a work plan according to a specific situation. We work as strategic business advisors for entrepreneurs and business leaders

Our Mergers and Acquisitions Services include - M&A Consulting, Financial Reporting, CFOconsulting, business intelligence (BI) for decision making, cash flow tracking, accounting and audit report, staff, and training development.

How our service helps your business?

01. Quality of Earnings

We find out the earning of the company before acquisition & in-depth analysis of future issues that can create risk. And also do the estimation of the quality of assets, earnings, cash flow.

02. Corporate Finance

We offer end-to-end advisory services including buy and sell-side M&A Consulting. We can help you in the entire selling process either you’re buyer or seller.

03. Corporate Restructuring

Our professionals strengthen the business and handle all legal aspects and key challenges that your business face during the financial crisis.

04. Deal Structuring

We work precisely while structuring the deal for an M&A process. All sorts of regulation and corporate laws along with finance are taken into consideration.

Our Significance Best M&A Experts

MyShared CFO led a significant role in Merger and Acquisition, we have advised clients in more than 50 deals in India and abroad. Our dedicated global M&A practice and in-depth experience that helps in minimize the risk in any transaction.

A team of financial advisors, CFO, CA and M&A experts.
We provide our services to MSME or mid-capital enterprises.
We will help you with our best priced M&A services & resources.
A collective experience of 300 years makes us competent to deal M&A.


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Corporate Strategy

Our M&A strategists help you to achieve desired strategic outcomes.

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Merger Integration

We help our clients in develop the critical internal processes as required in M&A.

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M&A Capability

With the help of skills and tools, we execute M&A and growth strategies.