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About Us

Chief Finance Officer Services for SME Segment & START Ups

In 2010, MyShared CFO co-founded by three finance experts Piyush Garg, Manish Gupta and Nikhil Khurana. Today, MyShared CFO has established itself as a leading financial advisory company providing strategic, financial leadership to companies on a long-term, part-time or project basis. With expertise in finance, accounting, strategic planning and other diverse management projects, our CFO services are delivered by a pool of highly experienced and innovative CFOs (Chief Financial Officer).

We work at a senior level, counselling management and guiding existing staff toward the solution of complex financial problems and the development of improved management systems.

MyShared CFO now is the largest partner model service provider in India and has grown to team size of 50 with more than 500+ clients since inception. Operations head-quartered in Delhi, with presence in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & Bangalore.

Chief Financial Officer experience, extensive backgrounds and technical competencies enable us to offer compelling, fact-based advice for your financial and strategic issues. Our CFO team with over two decades experience as business, financial and consulting managers. Our desire is to be your long-term CFO partner and trusted advisor. We recognize that every business is unique and that while it may share commonalities with other businesses we customize our approach to align with desires, priorities and corporate culture. As your interim CFO, we carefully listen toyour goals, aspirations, challenges and frustrations. Then we collaboratively develop a continuum of solutions prioritized to navigate your company from its current state to the desired end state – implemented at a pace that you are comfortable with, both operationally and financially. Above all, we are mindful of the importance of driving results.


MyShared CFO - Listed In Top 10 Promising Virtual CFO Service Provider, 2019

MyShared CFO, a professional financial advisory firm offers shared CFO services to many companies, provides the services of a CFO and is actively involved in structuring the business transactions, solution formation, and compliance monitoring.

Myshared CFO does not believe body shop or switch on - switch off model. The team is engaged with clients on a continuous basis through email and collaboration tools and offers them comfort of a CFO being available and when needed instead of being available on select days (even if they are paying for a limited time of shared CFO). Team myshared CFO consists of CAs, CSs, MBAs with diverse experience across the industries, verticals, domains coming together to render CFO services to SME Segments.